he production is carried out on machines for knitwear and cut with worsted merino and 100 % merino , mohair , viscose stretch , wool and acrylic stretch , and also knitwear garment dyed and inlaid with application of prints, embroidery , rhinestones and studs. Possibility of exclusive designs and processed .
There are two annual collections : fall winter – spring summer . Each collection consists of about 100 animals and is updated strategically following the style and trends of the market and the target company .
The knitwear Sant’Anna follows every phase of production: from design to the coordination and quality control of garments , then move the ironing and packaging of the same.
This strategy allows the company to monitor closely the creations.
Punctual delivery and confidentiality of the product to which customers entrust their brands, are further strengths on which the knitter Anne founded his mission .