he knitwear Sant’Anna is located in Andria (BT) in 1971 thanks to a pair of young entrepreneurs Anna Bell and Lorenzo Rella . that create the brand R.Francois .

From the beginning, the company aims to create clothing in knitwear man / woman , and with passion, determination and professionalism not slow in coming big rewards in the national and international level.
The couple then joined by his three sons : Francis, Luciana and Mariella Marlook giving birth to the brand , a brand that consecrates the company as an important reference point for the distribution of knitwear in the European borders .

The style of the garments is designed for a dynamic woman , elegant and modern that does not want to have comfort .
The rewards obtained in the field are the result of careful research of the quality of yarn and a disaminata care of the details, with an eye always alert to the analysis of fashion trends dictated on the national and international market .
A challenge , that of knitwear Sant’Anna , which aims to keep alive the interest in an industry that has given so much to the company and that their proponents reciprocate with the same passion and determination that has brought us to reach far larger results.

Fashion is so unbearably bad that needs to be changed twice a year .”
Oscar Wilde